Almost-Pencil Skirt

I made this skirt the night before my Senior Project presentation, which was on fashion design. It was my first time pleating clothing, as opposed to gathering. It sucked.

It didn't come out perfectly, but it was alright for my first pencil skirt. & a bitch to walk in.

Posted by Jessica @ 1:17 AM

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Hey I saw your skirt on craftster and thought how cute I'd look in something similar, I know you kind of winged it (so I didn't request a tute), but I found a similicity pencil skirt pattern and thought that if I made the waist larger (to accomadate the pleats) and added the waist band all would be fine! Someone suggested grading, and others said slashing and spreading...what do you think??

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Wed Jan 30, 11:03:00 AM 2008 #

whoops I forgot to leave a way to get in thouch with me, you can email me at chocaholicknits@hotmail.com

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ Wed Jan 30, 11:05:00 AM 2008 #

Wow, that's funny. I've never gathered anything, always pleated. Gathering frightens me.

I love your skirt by the way, it's totally hot.

Posted by Anonymous Rosa @ Mon Apr 07, 03:09:00 PM 2008 #

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