Iron(III)Oxide Dress.

This was inspired by the lantern dress created by justinexcore, one of my favorites on the Craftster forum. Probably one of the most professional pieces I've done.

June 2006.

I made a dress similar to it for practice, no pattern, just winged. It's made out of tissue knit jersey I ordered off of fabric.com, because jersey is just so hard to find in stores. The sleeves are gathered & the neck is scooped, but I'm thinking of changing it to a v-neck pretty soon.

Posted by Jessica @ 11:38 PM

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I followed your link over here via the pinafore post on Craftster.. and then I realized you live in the valley! And then I saw all your stuff and I was amazed. You're truly talented, and really inspiring.. I'll definately be trying your tutorial, and if I can find enough jersey any time soon, this lantern dress is pretty incredible too.

In short.. keep up the amazing work!! :D

Posted by Anonymous Brianna @ Mon Oct 16, 08:54:00 PM 2006 #

this dress is abosultely amazing. found your link on the craftster forum, too! very pretty stuff

Posted by Blogger Fabi @ Wed Jul 25, 01:54:00 PM 2007 #
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