iPod Cozy.

So I had a Creative Zen Micro, but then I lost it in a movie theater. I realized this on the way home so we went back to the theater & asked to go back inside so I could look for it but they said they'd go look for it themselves. They came back & said they couldn't find it. I was thinking, "Bullshit. One of their workers probably took it when they were cleaning up." I was pretty mad, but what could I do?

A loong time later, months probably, my parents got me an iPod Photo for being such a good daughter. Funny thing, the day it came in the mail was the day they introduced the iPod Video. Oh well, I'm good with mine. After about a week it got all scratched up so I decided I needed a cozy for it.

November 2005.

Ribbon & button closure, hand sewn blanket stitches. The whole thing is basically a closed up sock-like thing with a cut across the middle for two pockets (one for the iPod, one for the earphones) & a hole so I can see the screen. You can use the iPod wheel through the fabric.

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