Long Plaid Coat.

So, since the coat I wanted from Urban Outfitters is sold out (it was expensive anyway) & I needed wanted another winter coat, I decided to do something about it. & I saved about $80 in the process.

November 2006.

This was reconstructed from a large men's jacket I got from K-Mart last weekend. It's lined with some fluffy kind of fabric, I don't know what it's called. The arms are lined with a quilted polyester fabric. It's basically all just taken in to fit. There are two functional pockets on the front & one inside. I'm really glad with how it came out, even though it's messy on the inside. Who's going to ask to look inside anyway?

Posted by Jessica @ 1:55 AM

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That's beautiful! Did you have trouble sewing through the fabric? It looks like it could be thick.....anyways, great job!

I need/want another winter jacket too right about now.....with the wind chill, where I am it's supposed to go down to about 14 degrees farenheit tonight. ACK!!! That's too cold......

Posted by Blogger earthkitten @ Tue Nov 28, 05:23:00 PM 2006 #

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