Little Black Pinafore.

This was originally intended to be an empire-waisted little black dress. I just hadn't decided on the bodice. Before I decided to call it a day & go to bed, I looked at what I had & thought to just add straps.

July 2006.

Anyway, I'm really proud of this. It's super versatile & I love it.

Posted by Jessica @ 12:05 AM

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Hi. I'm from Craftster, and, this is more than a bit random, but : I think you are amazing!

You inspire me with ideas, which lead to alot of sketches, and hopes of making dresses, bags, etc.

I noticed too that people are suddenly popping up EVERYWHERE on Craftster with the same pinafore, even I have hopes of creating my own version. Unfortunately, most just ignore the curtesy of giving you credit, though I doubt that ten different people who suddenly have a very, VERY similar dress 'saw it elsewhere', even though - who knows? When I saw yours, it reminded me of a drawing I skteched out when I was around 13 years old, so they could've.

That probably was more rambling than intended, but I just wanted to say that it is understandable that you would not provide anymore tutorials for this reason. I hope you feel better. Oh, and the new gray dress is GORGEOUS. I definetely would buy one, hehe.

I do hope to continue seeing wonderfully amazing stuff created by you. :]

Posted by Anonymous Kelsey @ Tue Sep 26, 06:30:00 PM 2006 #

Sorry to burst your bubble...but I did (and still do) see pinafores like this before you posted yours. I read a lot of fashion type magazines/sites/etc and pinafores that look similar to yours are "in" right now, and have been for quite awhile, I think.

Posted by Anonymous Christina @ Thu Dec 14, 04:56:00 PM 2006 #

I absolutely fell in love with this the first time I saw it on Craftster.
Im sorry nobody was giving you credit. You deserve it.
It is very understandable that you wouldnt want to make tutorials anymore. Also a HUGE loss for everyone else.

Just keep doing what your doing;; you're amazing at it!

Posted by Anonymous Meagan @ Sun Mar 16, 01:35:00 AM 2008 #

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