Guitar Picks for Adam

Here's one part of my early Christmas present for Adam: personalized guitar picks, inspired by those of queenofdiy.

I used Photoshop to resize & reshape the pictures, Tacky Glue to stick them to the picks, & Mod Podge to finish them off. I sanded them after they dried to make them feel smooth. It was pretty fun.

Posted by Jessica @ 8:03 PM

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Hm. You've mentioned this idea to me before.

They came out well. :)
You crafty ho, you.

Merry Hanukkah-mas-zaa. Or "holidays." Whatever.

Posted by Anonymous Leslie the Asian @ Sat Dec 23, 03:20:00 AM 2006 #

aww damn those look fuckin awesome.

Posted by Anonymous cuntmuscle @ Thu May 03, 12:04:00 AM 2007 #

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