Vera Wang Inspired Dress.

I made this dress for the Project Runway segment in the Senior Fashion Show. I was competing against two other designers, & unfortunately, I didn't win. It's alright, I only missed out on a free ($70) prom ticket.

Inspired by Vera Wang. I don't know the name of the fabric I used for the bust, but it has a beautiful floral design embroidered in. I had to interface it to help hold it's shape. The waistband is made up of green velour with some trim on top. The skirt is a golden satin material covered by sheer black chiffon.

All in all, the materials cost about $30 in downtown LA's Fashion District. & the time it took, well, I'll just say it took a lot of time.

Posted by Jessica @ 1:07 AM

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That is so cool. I'm jealous and I want. D:

Posted by Blogger Kathleen @ Mon Sep 17, 03:26:00 PM 2007 #

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